Forever 21’s Fun House Mirrors Had The Wrong Effect On Me

I wasn’t all that shocked to learn that Forever 21 uses fun house-style mirrors and amber-colored lighting in the fitting rooms to make customers look “hot” — “hot” being skinny with flawless skin. (Though I do think it’s unfair to employ such trickery when the return policy sucks so badly.) I started thinking about the last time I was in Forever 21. Jessica dragged me kicking and screaming (not really) to the new store in Times Square. After an hour or so of hunting the four floors, I thought I had some really great finds. You know, stuff that was on-trend, fit my personal style, and didn’t scream Forever 21. I went into the dressing room thinking it was pretty dark … and smelly. I tried on a couple of dresses and some tops, but nothing quite worked. A skirt was a possibility, though. Now that I know about the mirrors, which stretch you taller so you appear thinner, I know the problem wasn’t the clothes. I’m only 5 feet, so I looked awkward and a little too bottom-heavy in a fun house mirror, which was slightly tilted at the top so I felt I was looking up at myself, and I could hardly see anything in the amber lighting. I said no to everything except the skirt, thinking I could always get cheap costume jewelry with my store credit if I had to return it. So instead of making me think I looked hot in the clothes, Forever 21’s fitting room tricks actually made me spend less than I had intended. Fail! [Refinery 29]