Elisabetta Canalis, Girlfriend Of George Clooney, Named In Cocaine Scandal

George Clooney’s Italian actress girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, has already made headlines for claiming Jennifer Aniston looks like raggedy old Iggy Pop and playing a nun who flashes her boobies in a film. Now court documents reveal that a prostitute employed by The Club, a nightclub in Milan, Italy, gave verbal testimony in October 2008 claiming she had done cocaine with Clooney’s girl.

We are shocked. Cocaine and prostitutes, and Charlie Sheen is not even involved? Canalis was not arrested for any wrongdoing, only implicated. According to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, The Club and Hollywood were investigated in 2008 for “allegedly running an escort and prostitution ring,” according to RadarOnline.com. Both of the nightclubs were shut down on Tuesday and five people associated with them have been placed under house arrest. Although Clooney and Canalis didn’t become an item until 2009 — after she was allegedly snorting coke with a prostitute — it’s still not the kind of news story that looks very good. [RadarOnline.com]