Does This Butchered Woman Make You Want To Go Shopping?

Honestly, I’m all for some controversy in advertising. In a dog-eat-dog market, sometimes the most effective way to win a market share is by creating the most provocative campaign. But it’s got to do its job. You can’t just be shocking for the sake of being shocking, or else you end up failing in your mission to move product and waste your marketing dollars. When it comes to this ad for Beymen Blender, a pop-up store in Istanbul, Turkey, one could say it’s misogynist, offensive, or a series of other criticisms, yet what if you take it to the bottom line: Does seeing this chopped-up, butchered woman hanging from meat hooks make you want to go buy clothes? I can’t parse it if I try. She’s naked so … I should cover myself up? Or someone will chop me up? The tag line reads: “The concept store with a butcher shop.” Is that literal? Like, it’s literally a clothing store that has a butcher shop, too? But if so, why the massacred lady? I am flummoxed. [Copyranter]