Advice For LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Now That They’re Moving In Together

Just a year and five months after being caught smooching on camera in a hotel and subsequently denying that they were having an affair, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes are shacking up together. Eddie and his two sons will be moving into LeAnn’s house, which is in a gated community in Los Angeles. And reports make it sound oh-so-romantic. A source tells People that the move is happening because Eddie’s lease is up and clarifies that it won’t be “an overnight thing,” but will happen slowly over a month. Another source tells E! Online, “Eddie and the kids are moving in with Leann to save money since Eddie lost his ‘CSI’ job. Mason is moving into the dog’s old room, and Jake is moving into LeAnn’s office.” Wait, the dog used to have a whole room? [People, PopEater]

Today, LeAnn confirmed the news on Twitter. “@peoplemag got it right! Thx for fairly and honestly reporting private, but happy news!” she said.

We do actually wish these two the best. But moving in is a big deal, especially when kids are involved. So, after the jump, some unsolicited advice.

  • Make the decision to move in about love and wanting to be a family—not about finances. If money is the impetus here like a few sources have said, Eddie should talk to his landlord about extending his lease for another six months to a year. Just sayin’.
  • LeAnn should probably retire the song “How Do I Live Without You” from her repertoire, since now she won’t have to.
  • Generally accepted moving-in theory: get a new place together rather than trying to incorporate one partner into the other’s existing digs. Since that’s not what’s happening here, they should at least redecorate together.
  • Now that they’re living together, they should both turn down any future Lifetime movie offers. Unless of course, they’re co-starring.
  • Be careful what you Tweet. We still feel for the exes here, especially Brandi Glanville, and don’t think she needs to read posts about your domestic bliss, à la LeAnn’s recent Tweet, “Pile of cute lil and big boys in bed having a ticklefest this morning! About to eat breakfast in bed too. We’re not moving til we have to!” [Babble]
  • Speaking of Tweets, LeAnn recently wrote, “@eddiecibrian showing me how to do yard wrk! Think it’s the first time I’ve ever paid attention to yard wrk.” Let him take care of that, while you pick another set of chores you like doing, LeAnn! You’ll want to figure out a way to split up house work 50/50.
  • Now that Eddie’s done on “CSI,” maybe they could make music together? After all, Eddie was once a member of the boy band 3Deep. They could be the new Mates of State!
  • Don’t let yourself become total homebodies, even if it does feel nice. Get out once in a while!
  • But seriously, before the moving van arrives, LeAnn should really consider whether she can live with Eddie’s snoring, because it’s not going to get any better. And Eddie should really consider if he can handle LeAnn’s compulsive cleaning. Who knows if these are their quirks, but everyone learns something they never realized about the other when they move in together.