Why Is It So Hard To Make A Non-Cheesy “Gossip Girl” Collection?

The time has come to sadly admit it: “Gossip Girl” has jumped the shark. We know, we know. It had so much potential back in the days when uhh-mazing people like Anna Sui were designing themed collections for Target and headbands were cute again. Then Little J got stuck in a blender with Courtney Love and made the “walk of shame” look a thing (oh the horror!) and Vanessa and Dan (ew! Seriously, you guys, that’s like incest!) and is it wrong that we want to motorboat Serena’s boobs? So, naturally, the retail side of things had to go downhill. Over in the U.K., Miss Selfridge’s launched a juniors GG collection a while back which was meh, but we let it slide because America is better.

Now, Nicole by OPI has launched a “Gossip Girl”-themed nail polish collection. In the mix: Glittery and shiny lacquers in shades of green and silver. Maybe it’s just that cheesy packaging? Anyhow, we thought you should know. Xoxo? [Teen Vogue]