Which Beauty Products Can You Share With Friends?

Personally, I would never, ever use the tester products at stores like Sephora. Everyone’s grimy fingers and germs are all over everything, the makeup palettes are left out for who knows how long, and it’s just plain dirty. But while I would never share beauty items with strangers, I’m not so picky with friends. My best best friends are allowed to borrow certain items — lip balm, eyeshadow, and blush, but never eyeliner or mascara for some reason. So when I found out just which items I should and shouldn’t be sharing, I was more than a little shocked. Read on to find out which beauty products to keep to yourself.To be safe, don’t share a thing! If you and your BFF are like sisters and don’t comply with the yours/mine rule, the best idea is to split up makeup before anyone touches it: Cut lipsticks in half, dump half the powder eyeshadow into another pot, and scoop out half the foundation for your other half. Once fingers enter makeup containers, it’s a breeding ground for bacteria, and you could be putting yourself at risk for some not-so-pretty side effects. Sharing isn’t always caring, people. [Fashion Bomb Daily]