Today’s Lady News: Erin Andrews Wants Tougher Punishments For Pervs

  • Erin Andrews, the ESPN reporter who was filmed nude in hotel rooms without her consent, joined Congressmen this morning to clarify a federal stalking law and increase the maximum available sentence for stalkers to five years. [Huffington Post]
  • Essence, a lifestyle magazine geared towards black women, has stirred up controversy after it recently appointed a white fashion director. Critics of the appointment say that the fashion and magazine industries have historically ignored black women and a black woman’s lifestyle magazine should be a place to showcase a black fashion director’s talents. [The Cut]
  • Children adopted by gay and lesbian parents fare just as well developmentally as those adopted by heterosexual parents, according to a study of 106 couples by the University of Virginia and George Washington University. Gay couples are banned from adopting kids in Florida, Mississippi, and Utah. [Washington Post]

  • Augusta State University student Jennifer Keeton is suing her school because it threatened to kick her out of its counseling program when it learned she believes homosexuality is a personal choice. The school said Keeton was failing to conform to professional standards of tolerance. [ABC News]
  •’s editor-in-chief corrected a male talking head who made a mistake on air. According to, the verb to describe this situation would be “castrate.” []
  • The police department in Rome, New York, teaches classes to women on how to properly use handguns. [Rome News-Tribune]
  • Ms. magazine asks, “Is ‘Mad Men’ feminist?” [Ms. Magazine]


  • Italian pharmacist Chiara Perteghella was barred from breast feeding her 3-month-old child while waiting to take a five-hour long test to be certified as a breast feeding consultant. [New York Times]
  • A Saudi Arabian cleric has decreed that Saudi homes should only hire Muslim women as maids, who should be covered with the hijab (an Islamic veil) and not mix with men in the household. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Nine Latin and South American nations have legalized same-sex marriage. But only one nation — Cuba — has legalized abortion. [New York Times]
  • Michael Lyons, a sexual predator pretending to be a “guru” named Mohan Singh, has been jailed for 10 years for assault and rape. Lyons led a cult of predominantly female followers. [BBC]
  • A Dutch court gave the go-ahead to 14-year-old Laura Dekker, who hopes to become the youngest girl to sail around the world solo. Dekker’s parents are in support of her quest. [AFP]
  • A recent online poll discovered Canadians are the most accepting of same-sex marriage, followed by Brits, and then Americans. [Toronto Sun]