Insecure People Have A Greater Chance Of Health Problems

Are you insecure in your relationship? Distrusting of your partner, constantly worried of their motivations, or scared of being rejected? Insecurity is never a good feeling or a positive quality to possess, especially now that there is proof that people who are insecure might actually be at a greater risk for a number of health problems. A new study shows that people with relationship insecurity, which researchers classify as insecure attachment, are more likely to experience stroke, high blood pressure, and even heart attacks than their secure counterparts. According to the study, there are three primary types of attachment. Which one do you have, if any? “Secure attachment” is obtained by individuals who are comfortable with other people, are able to rely on them, and like getting close to someone else. “Avoidant attachment” is possessed by people who constantly have doubts about others, avoid getting emotionally close, and have trust issues. And there is also “anxious attachment,” a constant fear of rejection.

While the researchers did not really give a reason why insecure attachment is linked to health problems, there are some theories. People with insecure attachment may deal with stress in a negative way such as drinking and or smoking, may have trouble approaching their doctors, or may simply avoid their doctors altogether, which can result in health problems or the failure to recognize symptoms. Confidence has always been a sexy trait, but it may just be healthier now, too. [LiveScience]