A Third Woman Accuses Roman Polanski Of Rape

Former model and Glamour editor Edith Vogelhut has recently come forward to say that she was also raped by Roman Polanski. Vogelhut claims that in 1974, when she was 21 years old, she met the director at an industry party. He took her back for drinks at Jack Nicholson’s home, where Polanski pressured her to take ecstasy. Later in the evening, Vogelhut said he led her into a bedroom where he handcuffed, drugged, and repeatedly sodomized her. “I was humiliated, I had absolutely no one to tell,” she says, explaining why she has kept silent for so long. Vogelhut says it was the confession of the second accuser, actress Charlotte Lewis, that gave her the strength to go to police and talk about the incident publicly. Unfortunately, Polanski has recently been released by Swiss authorities rather than being extradited to Los Angeles to be tried for the rape of Samantha Geimer. This means that Vogelhut probably won’t be getting justice anytime soon. Though she is planning on releasing a tell-all about working as a model, which will include details about her alleged encounter with Polanski. Vogelhut’s story leaves me with many questions, one of the biggest being: Why did Jack Nicholson allow this business in his house? [Radar]