8 Totally Mean Things Women Do To Men

The dudes over at AskMen.com came up with a list of “10 Cruel Things Women Do To Men,” including giving out fake phone numbers, withholding sex, flirting to make you jealous, etc. OK, I’ve done that last one. But as a lady, I can confess a few more sins I’ve seen my kind do to dudes. After the jump, a few more mean things women do, plus a gal’s advice on how a man can defend himself from such attacks!

  1. Dissing And Telling. Women are not shy about complaining about sex. If it’s bad, we’ll whine to our bestie, the chick we share a cubicle with, our manicurist, the checkout lady at the drug store … .

Man Defense:“Everyone knows it takes two to tango! What were you bringing to the party besides a sour puss, lady?”

  • Use PMS As An Excuse To Be Bitchtastic. She picked a fight and now she’s sorry, so she’ll cleverly blame it on her Aunt Flo coming to visit. If it’s not around the same date every month, than it’s not a period — it’s BS.


Man Defense:“No matter what time of month it is, you can still apologize.”

  • A Low Blow. When she first starts dating you, she might brag about your bulge. But beware, if you break her heart, she might start telling all the ladies your member needs a microscope.


Man Defense: “She didn’t complain last night! Hey-o!”

  • Blab Secrets. That super personal private thing only she knows about you could be a hot topic of conversation in her girl group. This is why trust is so important in a relationship, no?


Man Defense:“Who doesn’t have skeletons in their closet? But I’m too much of a gentleman to disrespect her.”

  • Emasculating Comments: “Sometimes he’s such a baby!” Or: “What would he do if I weren’t here to do it for him?!”


Man Defense:“If a man said this about a woman, he’d be called a chauvinist. Not to mention, you’re the co-dependent woman doing all this stuff. So now who’s the dumb one?”

  • Judge Him By His Job: Is he going places? Does he make bank? He can’t afford me!


Man Defense:Call it like you see it: “Gold digger!”

  • Change A Man’s Personal Style: OK, this one has a caveat: If the man wants/likes her style advice, and is genuinely doing it not just to please his GF but to please himself, then it’s totally cool and potentially a bonding experience. However, men of this world, you are adults. You’ve been dressing yourself every day for years. Do not let a superficial girl convince you that what you need to be cute to her is to change everything about yourself looks-wise or she won’t be interested in dating you. Lame-o!


Man Defense:Don’t go with this: “You’re not all that and a bag of chips yourself, Miss Thang!” Try something like, “Next time I go shopping, you can come help me pick some stuff out.” Maybe she just wants to feel included in your life … but still, you should wear what you like! On the upside, it can’t hurt to listen to her tell you your butt looks good in those jeans and that you should buy ‘em!

  • Keep Him On Her Hook: She knows you like her, but she just uses you as a date to parties, concerts, etc., so she doesn’t have to go alone. When you’re in public together, she’ll treat you like a “date,” but when you’re alone you’re just old pals. Confusing, no?


Man Defense: You have enough friends, plus you have balls. Remember you already grew a pair and go on real dates with ladies who see just how sexy you are instead of letting this desperate diva vag-block you from meeting other women.