7 Things To Know About Deena Nicole, The Newest “Jersey Shore” Cast Member

Jersey Shore” season two doesn’t begin until Thursday, and already the GTLers are in Seaside Heights filming for season three. But there is one cast member who didn’t make it back—Angelina Pivarnick. Never fear. She’s already been replaced with a newcomer, Deena Nicole. So, who is the latest guidette? Find out after the jump.

  1. According to her MySpace page, Deena is 23, her last name is Cortese, and she hails from “Step With Stillettos On In, New Jersey.” We couldn’t find it on a map. [MySpace]
  2. She says of herself, “Me and my friends are prob the most spontaneous people You’ll ever meet … It keeps a girl like me on my toes..I’m loud..Crazy..Random and at times Corkyy and loveeeee to laughh. I speak whats on my mind and usually don’t think before I say things..so sometimes it gets me into trouble..In the love deparment I am single and I am not lo0king for anything..Unless it finds me.” We’re going to assume that by “Corkyy,” she meant “quirky?” [MySpace]
  3. She has the classic Shore look—big boobs, deep tan, long brown hair, blingy sunglasses, and loads of skimpy clothes. She is often photographed in zebra print and it also appears that she, on occasion, rocks a pouf. Will Snooki feel threatened? [Radar]
  4. Apparently not. She’s a good friend of Snooki’s. A source on set says, “[She] hung out with Snooki and J-Woww most of the day. She seemed shy at first. I got the feeling she wasn’t used to all the attention yet, but she warmed up as the day progressed. She was really touchy with Snooki. All the girls hung out all day except for Sammi—she stuck with the boys.” [Radar]
  5. Deena has 43 followers on Twitter and her last entry read, “Alll I need is my Beatsss..Broadssss.. and Bo0oZee..f*** the men lets drink to us! byeeeee =]” [Twitter]
  6. All her Tweets so far have been shout-outs to @lisa_mariee. On July 14 she wrote to Lisa, “Bo0o should be spending it with meeeee =] kidding see you tomorrow wifey.” Is this the same girl she’s kissing in a photograph on her MySpace page? [Twitter]
  7. And Deena is obviously psychic. On her MySpace page she wrote, “I should just have my own TV show.” [MySpace]

Doesn’t Deena sound like she’ll fit right in?