Today’s Lady News: Sophia Bush Slams Urban Outfitters Over “Eat Less” Shirt

  • “One Tree Hill” actress Sophia Bush has penned an open letter to Urban Outfitters, demanding the company issue a public apology for its women’s T-shirt that says “Eat Less.” “Shame on you. I will no longer be shopping at your stores,” Bush wrote. “And I will encourage the tens of thousands of female supporters I have to do the same.” []
  • An all-male panel of men who work at “The Daily Show” say the men who work at “The Daily Show” are not sexist at all. []
  • Britain’s Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone will hold a series of meetings this fall with mag editors and ad execs to discuss airbrushing, Photoshopping and hiring models who are far skinnier than the average woman. [Guardian UK]

  • A federal judge has ruled that Arizona must grant health benefits to gays and lesbians, their domestic partners, and their children. [AZ Central]
  • The Fox Business channel wants you to know women are still gold diggers, as per an article entitled “Gold Digging Is Alive And Well.” [New York Observer]
  • A lesbian Air Force officer will be honorably discharged today under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. First Lt. Robyn Chaurasiya, 25, from Seattle, said she plans to move to India and work at a charity for poor girls. [Sacramento Bee]
  • Six lessons from “Salt” about the difference between male and female action heroes. []
  • National Public Radio has asked hundreds of women musicians to talk about what it’s like to be a female musician today. [NPR]
  • Meet Natalia Mayo, 15, of Oceanside, New York, who races go-karts over 70 mph. [Newsday]


  • Lesbian Senator Penny Wong of Australia is backing Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s proposal to ban same-sex marriage. Wong is Australia’s first-ever lesbian cabinet minister. [Queerty]
  • A Saudi cleric has issued a religious ruling that women who live in countries that ban face-covering Islamic veils, such as France, may wear a head-covering veil instead. [USA Today]
  • A new report has found that one-quarter of the sex education taught to students in Britain is inadequate. Ofsted’s report says sex ed tends to focus on the biology of sex, but not safe relationship choices. [BBC]
  • What will be the role of women in rebuilding Haiti? [NPR]