The Jolie-Pitt Kids Fly In Style

So, my ovaries did cartwheels when I saw this lightbox of photos of Angelina Jolie and her oldest kids (i.e., the twins were left at home) at an airport in Japan. Maddox’s boy beater! Pax’s aviator sunglasses tucked down the front of his shirt! His suit! Shiloh’s “Bitch, I don’t know these people” attitude! Zahara’s mischievous smirk! Check out a few more photos — I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop myself — after the jump …
The look on her face makes me ROTFL and I never use internet acronyms unless I have to.

I’m sorry, when did Pax suddenly because so supa-dupa fly? That kid has more style than the last five dudes I’ve been on dates with. Work!