Fashionable Flotation Devices Keep You Safe And Stylish

Picture the scenario: You’re partying with P. Diddy on his yacht, you’ve got a diamond bracelet on one hand, a glass of Cristal in the other, wearing a JWoww-designed dress and some metallic pumps. Somehow, a bulky life jacket doesn’t really figure into that equation, now does it? To solve your fears of going overboard, there’s the Bandeau Belt, an inflatable accessory that disguises a life jacket in a sleek pouch. The belt sits around your waist like a hot fanny pack (gold bling included!), but opens up to become a cute pink life preserver. So when you’re partying on your yacht, you can put your Titanic fears out of your mind, and be prepared without looking paranoid. Wait—you have a yacht? Did we mention how cute you’re looking today?

Check after the jump to see how the Bandeau Belt transforms! [Fashioning Tech]