Dealbreaker Pets: Pythons, Tarantulas, And Rodents We’ll Make You Get Rid Of

dealbreaker pets snake jpg
For some reason, this weekend, my boyfriend and I got to talking about the roommates he lived with during college and he mentioned one of them owned a boa constrictor. The roommate kept mice in the freezer and defrosted them IN THE MICROWAVE before snake snack time. Ew! Once, after a party, the boa constrictor slithered out of its tank and hid; panicked, my boy and his roomies searched the entire house trying to find her. No luck. Fortunately, a repairman found her when he went down into the basement to fix the heater: she was curled up around the heater, chilling out. At this point in the conversation, I informed my boyfriend that he is lucky we met after college. I would never, ever, ever have gone over to his house if his roommate owned a boa constrictor (and nuked her frozen mice). Boa constrictors, pythons and all animals whose natural habitat is a rainforest are dealbreaker pets for me.

I’m not the only one who says “hells to the no” when faced with someone else’s nasty lovable pet. After the jump, check out the creepy crawlies that The Frisky staff just can’t abide by. And make sure to tell us your dealbreaker pets in the comments!

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