Barack Obama To Go On “The View”

Set your DVRs, folks. Barack Obama is sitting down with the ladies of “The View” on Thursday. This is a big deal because (a) no sitting president has ever gone on a daytime talk show before and (b) the dude is hoping that the appearance will bring his approval ratings back from the dead. So what will happen on the show? We have no idea. But here’s what we’re hoping for.

  1. Barack and Whoopi decide to settle the debate over whether Mel Gibson is racist-racist or not by arm wrestling.
  2. Barack says something adorable about Michelle and makes us all go, “Awww.” Or, even better, brings her with him?
  3. Elisabeth Hasselbeck invites Barack to a tea party.
  4. Barack takes a page out of Justin Bieber’s playbook and gets flirty with the newly recovered Barbara Walters.
  5. Barack takes his shirt off!
  6. Sherri Shepherd gets on all fours and moans before telling Barack that she likes balls.
  7. Bill Clinton played the saxophone on MTV. Maybe Obama has some surf guitar skills he could show off?