5 Tips For Keeping Your Man Looking Hot This Summer

Summer fashion mistakes are committed by men as well as by women; however, the difference is your man may not understand how to correct his fashion faux pas. Ladies, your man should look “hot” during the summer instead of a fashion “not.” Please do your man a favor (and all of the women that will see him this summer) by not letting him leave home when he’s bound to get arrested by the fashion police. After the jump, five ways to keep your man looking good in spite of himself.

  1. No socks with sandals. Unless your man is 80 — and even then it looks ridiculous, but exceptions are made for the elderly — he should never wear socks with sandals. Furthermore, flip-flops should be reserved for the beach and the pool, not out to dinner at a nice restaurant. Flip-flops with socks is the ultimate sin.
  2. No Speedos. Speaking of the beach, with the exception of Gilles Marini, men should avoid wearing a Speedo. Very few men, short of those with personal trainers or Greek Gods in their family tree, can pull off the banana hammock successfully.
  3. No short-sleeve dress shirts. A short sleeve dress shirt and tie does not look good on a first grade boy for school pictures much less a grown man. Roll his long sleeves up and cuff them for a sexy look this summer.
  4. No tank tops. Women may look sexy in tank tops; however, on men, tank tops are reserved for “Jersey Shore” meatheads, which your man isn’t. Right? Ladies, stop him before he commits one of the worst fashion mistakes. T-shirts were invented for a reason.
  5. No self-tanner. A man who has tried to apply self-tanning lotion looks more like a cartoon character than a beach model. Take your man to the beach and slather on the SPF for a natural glow; hit the tanning salon to get the fake stuff done professionally — but never let him near a bottle of self-tanner. Never. That stuff takes a while to wash off.