5 Tips For Getting Along With Your Ex Who Is Also Your Co-Worker

Getting over a breakup is difficult enough without the complication of having to see that person each day. When your ex is a co-worker, remaining professional may seem impossible. Rather than quit a good job, get along with your ex as a professional. After the jump, five tips to ensure a peaceful nine-to-five … post-breakup.

  1. Be professional. Do not break down into hysterics, cry or yell at work. You are a professional, so act the part even if your heart is breaking. Wait until you get home to eat a gallon of ice cream, cut up his pictures and scream.
  2. Don’t talk smack.Your girlfriends are the ones that you need around when trashing your ex, not your co-workers. This only makes you appear petty and bitchy. And if you keep it up, you can forget about that promotion.
  3. Treat your ex with respect in the office. If you see your ex at the movies and want to throw popcorn at him … why not? However, when at work treat him as a professional (yes, you need to be as polite and kind as your stomach can handle). If your ex chooses to snub you at work, then he’s a damn fool.
  4. No sabotage.Sabotage is reserved for non-work or hours or for never. It does not belong in an office. Mature, professional women do not sneak around deleting important emails and helping documents get “misplaced.” There are far better ways to get revenge on the weekends.
  5. Don’t ask, don’t tell.Do not share information about your new relationships with co-workers and do not try to find out about his. In fact, avoid discussing or listening to anything about his personal life — there is a reason distance helps you heal. Create as much distance as you can in your cubicle.