Today’s Lady News: Bus Driver Refuses Women Wearing Islamic Veils

  • A 22-year-old Muslim student was refused a bus ride into London because she was wearing a niqab, which is a face-covering veil. The woman and a friend, who was wearing a hijab veil that covers her head only, claim the driver told them they were a “threat” to passengers. [BBC]
  • A new study from the University of Michigan found that African ancestry is linked to a more deadly type of breast cancer called “triple negative,” which contributes to evidence that indicates a genetic link. [Los Angeles Times]
  • “Mad Men” is bad for women. Just like Tina Fey and Taylor Swift and probably other things I like, such as kittens and peanut butter cups. [’s Broadsheet]

  • A St. Louis court has ruled against a 26-year-old woman who sued the producers of a “Girls Gone Wild” video after she was shown with her tank top being pulled down inside a local bar. The woman claimed she did not consent to be videotaped and the video has ruined her reputation. The producers of the show claims she consented to be filmed by attending the party. [Columbia Daily Tribune]
  • The blog ColorLines addresses a recent WNYC radio segment on the “accepted” belief that black women don’t swim because they are afraid of ruining their straightened hair. [ColorLines, WNYC]
  • If Tani Cantil-Sakauye is confirmed by California by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, she will be the first Asian-American female chief justice in the state’s history. If she’s confirmed, women will also be the majority on the court. [Ms. Magazine]
  • A New York man who lured a 16-year-old girl into prostitution was sentenced to 13 years in prison. Marc Brickhouse. 32, had advertised on Craigslist and pimped the girl in Virginia, Maryland and NY. [Washington Post]
  • A California man has been arrested for secretly videotaping a woman by placing a copy of Chicken Soup With The Soul, with a camera inside, in her bedroom. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Five thoughts on the gender gap in business entrepreneurship. [The Business Insider]
  • Meet Lea, the transgender personal assistant to a Givenchy designer, who is modeling naked in French Vogue. [Queerty]


  • Six women in the Mexican state of Guanajuato are serving prison sentences for homicide after having abortions. Activists say the women are serving 25- to 30-year-sentences for pregnancies which were both the result of rape as well as accidents. [Latin American Herald Tribune via Feministing]
  • Argentina’s President Cristina Kirchne has signed the country’s gay marriage law into effect, stating, “Today we are a little more egalitarian than we were last week.” [Guanabee]
  • Police working at the G20 summit in Toronto, Canada, have been accused of making sexual threats. One female journalist claims she was told she was going to be raped in jail and another woman said a cop physically restrained her and made “sexually charged” remarks. Toronto police are encouraging others to come forward with complaints. []
  • A new study by the British government has learned that one in five sexually active teenage girls has been pregnant by the age of 18. Nearly half chose to carry the pregnancy full-term, while over one third have an abortion. [Daily Mail UK]
  • Four women who call themselves The Seagals have set a new record by being the first women to row non-stop around Britain. Their journey took seven weeks and they beat a group of men whom they were racing! [BBC]