Online Dating Just Got Creepier With Pickup Cards

I’m having issues lately with the fact that dating rituals seem to be getting further and further away from “natural”—like where two people meet, like each other, and decide to go out. I already have trouble accepting online dating as a necessary evil of being a 30-something single, but there are some cool sites out there that are giving it their best effort to make it as not awkward as possible. And then there are others that are ruining dating altogether. According to an article in The New York Times, there is new online dating trend that involves business cards with pickup lines and barcodes. Oh. No. For $25 you can join sites like or, where you get a pack of business cards with your personal barcode and cheeky pickup lines like, “I am totally cooler than your date,” or “I’m hitting on you.” So lame. The idea is that you slip the card to some unsuspecting man or woman that you meet at the gym or at a bar and then if they’re interested, they log onto the site, enter your barcode, check out your profile, and send you a message. Ack. And how is this different from those notes we sent in middle school that said, “Do you like me? Check the box. Yes. No. Maybe.”? Aren’t we old enough to say a simple, “Hello,” if we want to talk to someone? Why do we need a cheesy pickup line and a barcode. Are we robots? No thanks. [New York Times]