In Bed With … Taylor Lautner

February 11, 1992 in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Taurus
Mercury: Aquarius
Venus: Capricorn
Mars: Capricorn

Love Style:

No worries that he’s barely legal — we checked! — because we all know they grow up fast in Hollywood. The stars indicate that Taylor (a request by a Frisky reader) is a guy who loves the older ladies anyway. Yes, Mr. Weirdo Aquarius boy is filled with a lot of curiosities; he’s a man who can appreciate someone grounded and more mature, as he likes to have someone to look up to. Plus, his inner rebel likes to take walks on the quirkier sides, in terms of coupling up. He’s not the guy who is into taking the easy route, which is the main reason he’ll prefer someone older. Since he is best when he has to strive harder to achieve, with someone more experienced than him setting the bar, he’d be up to the challenge. Plus, chances are Taylor is a guy who thinks of himself as refined and sophisticated, so being the arm candy of an older lady is his ideal — and lucky is that gal who has him nearby, as he is attentive, strong, well-mannered, and willing to try anything with the right guidance.

Sex Style:

He is newer to this game than his elders, but Taylor is a quick study, as he’s got the sign of sensuality ruling his emotions and it makes him a natural-born pro. However, he has also the strong influence of the people-pleasing signs, so he is prone to being one attentive little puppy dog in the sack and this will make up for any lack of experience he might have. Plus, he has an open mind and strange tastes, so it will add up to a good time no matter what. With such ingenuity working for him, chances are he’s not above being a little beaten and bruised when it comes to getting the rough and tumble, as he does like very physical sex that takes it all the way to new heights each time. Yes, he’s the guy that wants workout sex. The only drawback: while he does bring the bells and whistles in terms of enthusiasm and openness, he doesn’t have the most emotional connection to sex. Sure, in time he will be the boy that can “make love,” but that isn’t his selling point, not as much as his stamina and overall technique that’ll improve with time.

His Type:

Taylor is not the guy with mainstream tastes. Not to say he’s not into beautiful women, but superficiality isn’t his motivator when it comes to having his heartstrings pulled. It’s a girl with a big brain, strong ambitions and her head on straight that will get him heated. He’s a guy with a plan and when he can hook up with a girl that is also as dedicated as him to succeeding, then that is when his juices really get turned on. Plus, being that he’s not the most sentimental person, he does like to work in the world of facts, figures and mental theories, as those are the areas he is more comfortable in. Thankfully, his interests tend to be a little left of center, which makes him adventurous and fun by default. So, if one wants to really make it work with him, they have to be ready for a friendship type of love, more than a whirlwind romance where she will be his priority, because chances are, that won’t be the case with this work-a-holic.

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