How Do You Feel About The Word “Fashionista” And All The Other “-Istas”?

Geneva S. Thomas over at Coco & Creme is calling for all fashionable women to stomp the word fashionista with “[their] six inch stilettos–six feet under.” Her rationale is that the term is simply a lazy way to label a fashionable woman. She also thinks it implies that because a woman’s stylish and presents herself well, she can’t possibly be interested in other aspects of the arts or science for that matter. Thomas even compares the “-ista” phraseology — those pesky sister terms of recessionista, frugalista, and urbanista (not sure if I’ve actually heard that one before) — to the NYC bed bug infestation; the dreaded fashionista label is to be feared as much as blood-sucking parasites. Until reading her rant this morning, I hadn’t actually considered how unimaginative the word fashionista really is. I know I’m guilty of using it every so often. And while I’m partly convinced that this term and its sisters are dead, I can’t think of another term for a person who lives, breathes, and eats fashion and has a well-defined style. Maybe “style geek”? I’ve always defined a geek as a nerd with style and a quirky edge. What would be your term to replace fashionista? Wait a minute, how do you even feel about the word? [Coco & Creme]