And The Prize Goes To … The Most Memorable Book You Read In High School English Class

We asked last week for you to share with us the most memorable book you read in your high school English classes for a chance to win a special 50th anniversary edition of To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. The Frisky had no idea we had such bookworms reading our site. We’ll reveal our winner, after the jump: princessnicky:

The most memorable book I read in high school was The Great Gatsby. I went to high school in a very, very wealthy part of the Bay Area … but my family was the furthest thing from wealthy. The book had a real impact on me because the decadence and immorality that Nick Carraway was witnessing in the book was far too prevalent in my real life, such as 16 year olds getting new Range Rovers, Mercedes, BMWs, etc for their birthdays and throwing lavish parties whenever they wanted because their parents were never around. It was really hard for me to understand why they were so privileged and I wasn’t. The Great Gatsby helped me realize that while the rich kid’s lives look perfect from the outside, in reality they were not. Many of them ended up in rehab or did not graduate, they would go months without seeing their parents, and their lack of boundaries ended up getting them in legal trouble ranging from minor in possession of alcohol to DUIs and vehicular manslaughter. The book made me appreciate that while I may not have all of the latest clothes and may not be able to jet off to Mexico for every school holiday; my parents cared about me enough to make it to every school function and cared enough to give me boundaries so I stayed on track and graduated at the top of my class so I had a future outside of high school.

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