15 Celeb Hotties Who’ve Aged Like Fine Wine

kev2 72210 m jpg
Remember totally rad ‘90s alternative band Candlebox? They had that bangin’ track “Far Behind”? Well, I had a major girl boner for the lead singer, Kevin Martin. Full disclosure: I cut him out of a poster I got from my old local radio station, “The Buzz,” and slapped in up on my locker’s manly wall of hotness. But now, I’m thinking I need to get me a new locker just so I can hang up this recent hot shot of Kevin. Yum! Unlike most of the ‘90s, dude has still got it goin’ on! In fact, apparently he and some guys from Live are uniting to form a super group called The Gracious Few. Sweet titties! While we’ll have to wait until September 14th for the new record, we can absolutely drool over Kevin now … and these other celeb hotties who, like a fine wine, get even tastier as the years go by.
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