9 Ways To Save Your Feet From The Aftermath Of Sexy Heels

If you like to wear heels, whether to work, on a daily basis or simply to party, you know that beauty is pain. However, there are certain things that you can buy that will make wearing heels worth every minute of wearing them. Forget about your cracked heels, painful feet, blisters and bunions, after the jump find 9 ways to save your feet from getting any more hurt in heels than they already do. 9 Ways to Save Your Partying Feet

  • Painful heels:There is nothing worse than a pair of great heels that are painful. While they may say that beauty is pain, with these shoe inserts, it doesn’t have to be. Dr.Scholl’s makes massaging gel insoles that can be placed in any shoes and make them so much more comfortable to walk in. Sweaty feet? These also stop your feet from slipping to the front of your shoes. Dr.Scholl’s For Her Open Toe Insoles With Massaging Gel, $12.49, [Walgreens]
  • Blisters: Blisters always suck. These blister bandaids have cushioned padding and are waterproof so they don’t come off easily. They’re also made to stay in place for a couple of days to ensure the protection and healing of your blisters. Keep on in your wallet, you won’t regret it. Bandaid Advanced Healing Blister Cushions, $4.99,[Walgreens]
  • Shoes Rub Against Your Feet: There are plenty of things that shoes can do to cause pain, but when they start rubbing in all the wrong places, you’re going to be one unhappy camper. If you put rub relief on your feet, they might just be saved from terrible blisters. Dr.Scholl’s For Her Rub Relief Stick, $6.50, [DrugSupplyStore.com]
  • Too hot for pantyhose?: It really sucks when you have a great pair of shoes but you can’t wear them without the extra little comfort of stockings. These massage liners take the place of pantyhose but leave you feeling a lot cooler and yet, still comfortable. They’re so thin and made so well that you can wear them with almost any shoe and have them look invisible. HUE Perfectly Bare Massage Liner, $6, [Hue]
  • Cracked heels: Your feet may be tired and worked up but they don’t need to look it. Wearing moisturizing socks can surely help keep your feet moisturized. This will help avoid cracked heels, and calluses. Women’s Terry Gel-Lined Moisturizing Socks, $19.99, [FootSmart]
  • Tired and achy feet: After a long day of work, a night out or simply a long walk your feet are bound to be achy. Johnson’s Foot Soap helps your feet relax and refresh your foot muscles. Johnson’s Foot Soap, $3.49,[DrugStore.com]
  • Cramping Toes: Sometimes after a long day your toes are bound to cramp up, especially if they’re jammed in a pair of heels for a long time. Using these toe stretchers, you might be a bit uncomfortable at first, but the end result is well worth it. Gel Flex Toes Toe Stretcher, $14.99, [FootSmart]
  • Got Bunions?: If you’ve got bunions on your feet you definitely feel uncomfortable after a day or night in heels. These slippers will stretch and separate your toes to relieve some discomfort. Comfy Toes Slippers, $19.99, [FootSmart]
  • Foot Massage?: If you’ve ever gotten a pedicure or a foot massage, you know there are few things greater than a foot massage. Why pay for a foot massage every time you want one when you could have a massager in your house! Massaging Cord-Keeper Foot Bath, $62.99, [Target]