10 Fascinating Findings From The Great American Male Survey

AskMen.com’s The Great Male Survey of 2010 only confirms what I already suspected: I don’t know jack about dudes and I never will. What fascinating and complex creatures they are. Well, maybe not complex. After the jump, 10 man stats that I found very, very interesting.

  1. Loyalty beat out sense of humor, caring/nurturing, and intelligence as the most important trait in determining if a woman is “relationship material.”
  2. Sixty-seven percent of men believe in the institution of marriage and plan to tie the knot. Funny, considering most of those 67 percent will get divorced.
  3. Men aren’t that into cheating. Nearly 80 percent of guys said they wouldn’t cheat if given the chance, even if their partners wouldn’t find out. It’s either against their morals or they respect their partner too much. Slow, loud hand clap.
  4. Forty-six percent of guys said they would dump their girlfriend if she got fat. Yikes. Yikes. Yikes.
  5. A lot of dudes still believe that they should pay for dates. Forty-two percent said that they prefer to pay for the majority of dates until the relationship is established.
  6. Lots of men cook at home and enjoy it — 64 percent. Hallelujah!
  7. Sixty-nine percent of men think that having between 10 and 20 sex partners makes a woman promiscuous.
  8. Thirty-two percent of men think women start losing their looks at age 40. Really? Teardrop.
  9. Men get sexually harassed at work too. Well, at least 27 percent say they have been.
  10. More than half of the men surveyed think that women like good abs the most. S.O.S. The Situation is ruining our men! [Ask Men]