What Could Your Ex Do To Get You Back?

Let’s face it; we all have an ex or two somewhere in our past, be it an ex-husband or ex-boyfriend. We might remain friends with some, but might not be able to be in the same room with others. There could even be that special someone you would welcome back if things were … well … different. If there was one thing your ex could do to get you back in his life, what would it be? After the jump, some women reveal what it would take for their exes to win their hearts once again. What would it take for you?

“Cut his hair and lose the attitude that goes along with it. This is no longer the ’80s!” — Andrea, Toledo, OH

“There is nothing my ex could do to get me back into his life, mainly because we are both married with children. There was a time that he could have booked a plane ticket and landed on my doorstep and swept me back into his arms, but those days are long gone. I would not leave my husband for him, and he wouldn’t leave his wife. Although we had a strong connection and a deep love, we are different people today than we were when we were in college and in love.” – Charlotte, Worcester, MA

“For my ex-husband to get back into my life he would need to stop gambling and get a personality transplant. Don’t see that happening!” – Jenn, Newark, NJ

“One thing my ex could do to get me back is, if I saw him at a party, to grab me and dance with me … and I’d probably fall for him all over again!” – Hannah, Sparks, MD

“One of my exes would only have to call me and I would be ready to take up where we left off. We went our separate ways because of our careers. He had to relocate to another city and I was unwilling to give up my job at the time. Now that I have retired, all he has to do is call and I would fall back into his arms. I know, I’m easy!” — Malnia, Gulf Coast, FL

“The only way my ex will possibly get me back is by taking me to the moon … which is never going to happen.” – Tracy, Fargo, ND

“I hate to say it, but I think my ex could get me back by showing up with a bunch off money to pay off my debts. I have never been one to choose money over anything else. As my life goes on I can understand why people marry for money.” – Hope, Galesburg, IL

“Twelve years ago, I’d have said ‘quit drinking,’ but he’s changed so much that it scares me to honestly answer this question! “ — Melody, Chillicothe, OH