Man Banned From Facebook After Claiming He Bedded 300 Women From The Site

It sounds like Clive Worth fancies himself a modern day Casanova. He claims to have bedded more than 1,500 women thanks to the help of online dating and social networking sites. He even wrote a book about it called A Serial Shagger’s Guide to Online Dating. Yuck. The 60-year-old ex-miner claims that at least 300 of his conquests have come from Facebook. So now the site is banning his account. Worth says he doesn’t see the reason why the site is not allowing him access, but is working around the ban by creating a disguise profile as a woman. What an ingenious man! Worth is certain that his doppelganger, Carol Peters, will end up attracting more women to him than his old account, but won’t explain his reasoning. Not so surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Worth has been booted from a site—he has had several previous bans from Facebook along with no-gos from,, and The only explanation Facebook would offer him was that the social network was “not the place to meet people you don’t know.” [Then how do you explain 75 percent of my list of friends? — Editor] In other words, Mr. Worth you need to stop being a horndog. Something tells me another ban is not going to make this guy quit. [FOX Chattanooga]