Colorado Candidate Says Vote For Me “Because I Do Not Wear High Heels”

Politicians and stupid remarks go together like 90-degree days and Frappucinos. But you’d hope that in 2010, politicians would know better than to sling mud about each other’s gender. Recently, Jane Norton, a U.S. Senate candidate from Colorado, made the sexist comment that her opponent, Ken Buck, was not “man enough” to criticize her himself and instead had others do his dirty work. Then yesterday at a fundraiser, Buck sniped back with a remark about Norton’s femininity — by way of her footwear. When an audience member asked the Colorado cowboy why he deserved their votes, Buck responded, “Why should you vote for me? Because I do not wear high heels.”

In other words, because he’s not a woman. Or maybe a transvestite. But we think he meant a woman.Ken Buck, sweetie, when you say something mean about your opponent, you’re supposed to call her a “flip-flopper” or a “tax and spender” or something like that. You’re not supposed to talk smack about an entire gender. Didn’t it occur to him that the high heel-wearing ladies in the state of Colorado would not be amused by this dig?

When the audience laughed, Buck continued, “She has questioned my manhood. I think it’s fair to respond. I have real cowboy boots. They have real bulls**t on them.” (You can watch a video of it here.)

Yes, but no. Of course it was wrong for Norton to accuse her opponent of not being “man enough.” That’s called gender policing, missy! But Buck missed the nuance of the entire issue: Of course you are allowed to stand up for yourself, but you do not fight a sexist comment with a sexist comment.

And you sure as heck don’t walk around with bull poop on your cowboy boots. But alas, that’s a problem for another day. [Vanity Fair]