A Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Reality Series?

If Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s reality TV show was called “Chaotic,” perhaps Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ could be called “Tightly In Control”? The word on the street is that Tom is considering doing a “short documentary series,” letting peeps into his and Katie’s personal life. A source tells Grazia Magazine, “He’s been filming Katie and other aspects of his life for the past month. The original impetus was that he would select a few personal clips to show fans, but word has got out through his agents and he is currently fielding offers from entertainment companies.” Of course, if this happens, do not expect any moments of Katie burping while obviously high, a la Brit-Brit. “Tom places a premium on control, so he’s reluctant to commit to doing a reality TV show unless he’s 100 percent certain it will reflect him and Katie in the best light possible,” the source continues. [Grazia via Celebitchy]

Please, please let this rumor be true! Even if the show is tightly metered, Tom is still off his rocker enough to allow for some amazingly hilarious moments. Maybe he could take us for a Scientology auditing session? Or at least give us a peek at how Suri picks out her ensembles for the day? And how bizarre would it be to see Tom and Katie in their sweats, chatting on the couch after a long day? Or wait, maybe they jump on the couch together rather than sit on it?

That said, a TV show would obviously spell disaster for the couple. Need we remind them of all the couples who broke up after doing reality series about their lives together? In addition to Brit-derline, there’s Nick and Jessica, Jon and Kate, Whitney and Bobby, Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler, Linda and Hulk Hogan … Need I go on?

But then again, many people think Tom and Katie aren’t a real couple anyway, and that he’s contracted her to play the part of his wife to cover up for being gay or asexual. So maybe this is just a part of their highly choreographed breakup? Cynical, I know.

Would you watch a Tom and Katie show?