What’s The Hardest Year Of Marriage?

As I mentioned yesterday, my husband, Drew, and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary this weekend. I’ve heard people say that the first year of marriage is often the hardest, but I find that really hard to believe. For us, it’s been the best year we’ve had together so far! We were smart about having a wedding well within our budget, so we didn’t find ourselves with a mountain of debt right off the bat. Plus, we don’t have kids yet and aren’t actively trying, so we have plenty of time to invest in each other without any pressure to conceive right away. Fortunately, we’re both in good health, as are our families. And recently, we fulfilled a goal to move to Brooklyn and we couldn’t be happier. So, where’s the part that’s supposed to be so hard? I don’t think we’re an anomaly here. I’d bet most married couples would say their first year is pretty good. But maybe I’m wrong? Or, maybe for couples who didn’t live together before getting hitched, the transition is particularly rocky? If you’re married — or have been married before — I’d love to hear your thoughts. What’s been your hardest year of marriage so far, and why?