The Hamptons Is The New Hot Spot For Destination Husband-Hunting

According to 40-something divorcee Cheryl Mercuris, Florida is so last season when it comes to serious hubby-hunting. The new destination hot spot to score a great mate—and by “great,” she means “rich”—is the Hamptons in Long Island, NY. Cheryl went so far as to relocate herself and her two children to the Hampton’s East End for two weeks just to check out the dating pool. “I’m not on a mission. If it’s meant to be, it will happen,” she said. So how much is this mate-hunting session costing her? A mere $1,488 an hour—that’s $225K a week—to rent the “Sandcastle” a 14-bedroom, 19-bathroom mansion. So, technically, if she gets really lucky, she can have every Wall Streeter she meets stay at her pad at once. Considering that she’s a self-made millionaire, why not go for the gold? A two-week rental in the Hamptons? $500K. Meeting the millionaire of your dreams? Priceless. For the rest of us, there’s OKCupid. [NY Post]

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