Jennifer Aniston Granted A Restraining Order Against Duct Tape-Wielding Stalker

A California court granted a temporary restraining order to Jennifer Aniston yesterday against a stalker who’s been “laying in wait” for her around Santa Monica. According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, 24-year-old Jason Peyton left Pennsylvania on June 25, leaving a note for his father that he was driving to California. The young man’s dad realized his son, who has been diagnosed as a delusional and paranoid schizophrenic, was on a mission to find Aniston and alerted the police.

Sure enough, cops picked up Peyton on July 15 with a car on which he had scratched “I Love Jennifer Aniston,” carrying DVDs of her movies and a notebook full of messages about Aniston. Peyton allegedly had a list of baby names he’d picked out for their future spawn and scribblings like “Jen told me she wants me to be the father of her children” and “call Jen.” Jason Peyton allegedly told police that that “we love each other” and Jen “communicated to me mentally that she wants me to come and marry her and wants me to be the father of her children.” That creepiness got him quickly placed in involuntary psychiatric hold, likely because he’s been accused of stalking others in the past and disobeying court orders to take anti-psychotic meds.

In court documents that refer to Peyton as “mentally ill,” Aniston said she feared for her “personal safety” and asked the court for a restraining order:

“Due to Mr. Peyton’s delusional compulsion and increasingly harassing, stalking and threatening conduct, I have been subjected to a course of conduct which has and is seriously alarming, annoying and harassing me. Mr. Peyton’s ongoing, ever-increasing, aggressive and harassing conduct are extremely distressing. I fear for my personal safety and that of those around me.”

Aniston’s concerns have been taken seriously: The court ordered Jason Peyton to stay 100 yards away from her home, places of work, and cars and cease contact with her employees and management.

Betcha Jen is thinking twice about that scene in “The Bounty Hunter” where Gerard Butler throws her in a trunk, huh?

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