Frisky Rant: Proposing On Twitter Is Lame

This week, I tweeted about how I wished I was at Comic-Con, what was going on with my Frisky posts, and how awesome “True Blood” is, especially crazy-pants Franklin. This is the kind of light fare most people post on Twitter, because the site is a place to put links to amusing cat videos or comment about how much you love flossing. Basically, a home for the somewhat interesting things you don’t mind sharing with a group of semi-strangers. That is why I was pretty bewildered and slightly appalled when I found out people have started proposing on Twitter. Let me start off by saying that I can understand couples announcing their engagement on Twitter. It is a great way to spread the news to a lot of people so they can share your joy. You can make a lot fewer phone calls and save some money on your long-distance bill. But Twitter is the one of the last places I would declare a superb place to pop the question. Even if there is distance separating the couple, that is no excuse for typing out 140 characters and calling it a classy way to ask someone to spend the rest of their life with you. Even YouTube would be more acceptable, considering that it at least offers a lot of opportunities to be creative and endearing.

Seeing the tweet “@kbenderNYU Marry me?” appear in my feed would not get any romantic gears turning. And it certainly wouldn’t be an engagement story I would want to share with others, especially after you would have to dig the tweet out from the hundreds of others it got buried under, like: “ZOMG worst hangover eva!!!” But regardless of what I think, proposing on Twitter is becoming a trend. Recently, British entrepreneur Dawson King popped the question to his girlfriend/follower through this set of tweets. But even before King could make the leap, several other guys had logged on and sent out posts like: “@stefsull – ok. for the rest of the twitter-universe (and this is a first, folks) – WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Luckily, these two proposals have been answered with a yes, but imagine how embarrassing it would be if “stefsull” tweeted back a big fat no partnered with a sad face emoticon. Or how about if someone decided to take all the hard work you put into that post and retweeted it to someone else? There are just too many things that can dirty up a personal marriage proposal when you take the audience from one person to a thousand faceless followers.

I have yet to see #willyoumarryme as a trending topic, and I hope that day never comes. I believe that asking someone to marry you can be one of the most romantic and important decisions of your life and it is a shame when you treat it like some glorified mass text message. When did the public proposals on jumbo-trons and in crowded restaurants start to be so insufficient that people decided to take it to one of the biggest anonymous stages they could think of? There are millions of ways to ask someone to marry you and I am not one to say that any of them is wrong. I just think it’s nicer to hear about proposals that require eye contact. Or at least more than 140 characters.

Am I overreacting or do you think tweeting your proposal is taking things a little too far? [Gawker]