Danielle Staub Accuses Former Partner-In-Crime Of Stalking Her

Surprise! Another loser from “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Danielle Staub’s past has turned on her. Ex-con Danny Aguilar, a friend and, uh, partner-in-crime of Danielle’s from the ’80s, demanded that Danielle pay him $100,000 this past weekend. Why? Because he thinks she owes him. Big time. Just to clarify, this ex-con Danny is not the same ex-con Danny who is playing “bodyguard” to Danielle on the show. That’s Danny Provenzano. Danny Aguilar allegedly bailed Danielle out of a bad drug deal back in her cokehead, kidnapper, and extortionist days in the ‘80s. Apparently he did 15 years in the slammer while she got away scot-free for snitching on Aguilar and his accomplices. Now he’s stalking her for his payday according to the call she made to the NJPD, who she probably does really have on speed dial. When is this mess going to end? She may have to actually put her newly acquired boxing skills to the test. Bravo, let’s end this, shall we? [NY Daily News]