8 Theories On How Jason Sudeikis Gets Women Like Jennifer Aniston And January Jones

If you’ve been paying attention to the Hollywood rumor mill, you might have noticed that “Saturday Night Live” funnyman Jason Sudeikis has become a bit of a ladies’ man! With an alleged hookup with Jennifer Aniston and his current relationship with January Jones, Sudeikis has proven to be a surprising heartbreaker. The Second City alum recently got divorced from “30 Rock” writer Kay Cannon and played Tina Fey’s love interest on the show. There’s obviously something about Jason, so we came up with eight possible reasons he’s nabbed these amazing ladies.

  1. He’s Hilarious. Obviously, laughter is one awesome aphrodisiac and Jason’s got a never-ending supply. Laughter burns calories and releases endorphins. It’s also sexy as hell. The fact that he was married to a “30 Rock” writer gives him even more comedy credibility and means he isn’t a commitment-phobe. Plus, he told GQ that he doesn’t think farts are funny … which means that, comedy-wise, he’s already way ahead of most man-boys. [GQ]
  2. They’re After His Uncle. Sudeikis’ uncle is George Wendt, most famous for the role of Norm on “Cheers,” but also the occasional “Saturday Night Live” guest star. Jen’s totally probably had her eye on Norm for a while. It was only a matter of time before she got her introduction. But then that crafty January swooped in and will inevitably take the gold. It’s only a matter of time.
  3. He Looks Good In A ‘Stache. Many hipsters have discovered the power that a mustache holds. It’s like sexual kryptonite to a woman. Something about the bristling and the way it creates a hairy picture frame for a plump lower lip. Of his own mustache that he grew for his role in “Going the Distance” with Drew Barrymore, Jason said, “The mustache draws a line in the sand. I’d walk by women who would dart their eyes away immediately. Depending on what neighborhood you’re in, some guys’ eyes would linger.”
  4. Humility Is Overrated. When GQ asked Jason about the rumors that he was dating his “Horrible Bosses” co-star, Jennifer Aniston, apparently there was a pause, followed by laughter, followed by, “She should be so lucky.” It’s important, especially when dealing with super celebrities, to keep their heads from getting too big by flashing a bigger ego. It’s like peacocks and stuff.
  5. He’s Blowing Up. In addition to “Saturday Night Live,” Jason has recurring roles on “30 Rock” and “The Cleveland Show” as the voice of Holt Richter. This fall, he’s co-starring in the Drew Barrymore and Justin Long flick “Going the Distance.” And his upcoming movies include “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy,” “Untitled Comedy,” “Horrible Boss,” and the new Farrelly Brothers’ movie “Hall Pass.” Basically, he’s gonna be all over the place in a minute and these ladies want a piece of the pie fresh out of the oven, before it cools.
  6. They’re Trying To Break The Spell Ellen’s Cast On Him. No matter how many gorgeous babes are all-up-ons, Jason says that he’s always had a thing for Ellen DeGeneres. “When I’m doing something funny, in that moment I sometimes think, I’ve ripped off either Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy, or Ellen DeGeneres … I’m dead serious—she’s my Justin Timberlake. I had a crush on her. Still do.” Sure, Ellen’s tough competition, but maybe with some Hush Puppies and a haircut, January can convince him that there’s better out there for him?
  7. He Worked Hard For The Money. Sudeikis got his comedy start performing at ComedySportz in Kansas City before moving to Chicago and studying at ImprovOlympic (or iO). From there, he was cast in Second City’s National Touring Company and became a founding member of Second City Las Vegas. Tina Fey’s husband caught his show and recommended she hire Sudeikis as a sketch writer for “Saturday Night Live” in 2003. By 2005, Sudeikis was a featured player and became part of the repertory in 2006. He wasn’t necessarily trying to get on “SNL,” but his talent took him there. He didn’t even have to sleep his way to the top.
  8. He’s Kinda Really Hot. I’m not sure if this is stating the obvious or not, but on top of all this, he’s also really good-looking! Maybe in a normal guy kind of way, not like a Greek god, but he’s got a charming smile, a full head of hair, which he styles impeccably, and dimples. Who has dimples anymore?! The man also looks great in glasses and doesn’t dress like a total moron … which is kind of rare for comedians.