15 Things You Never Want To Hear An Ex Say

You may have noticed a plethora of ex-related articles on The Frisky this week and that’s because we’re in full swing of “Get Along With Your Ex” week. In honor of the, um, special occasion, I bring you 15 things you never want to hear an ex say (especially one you hope to continue “getting along” with), after the jump.

  1. You probably need to get tested …
  2. Will you do a paternity test on “Maury”?
  3. I always faked it with you.
  4. I should start charging you for my therapy appointments.
  5. Do you mind if I go out with your friend?
  6. Do you mind if I apply for a job in your office?
  7. I still use one of your old shirts as a pillowcase.
  8. My new boyfriend looks just like you!
  9. Is it OK if I friend your new girlfriend on Facebook?
  10. Today would have been our fifth anniversary.
  11. I heard “our song” on the radio this morning and thought that was a sign I should call you.
  12. Why didn’t you ever grow your hair long when we were together.
  13. Your mom thinks we should get back together.
  14. I want full custody of the dog.
  15. I have a new blog post up about you.