10 Very Good Reasons Why Britney Spears Needs To Retire Her Weave

britney weave g1 jpg
I love Britney Spears; always have, always will. I stood by her as a fan during times of strife — umbrella assaults, car seat faux pas, Kevin Federline — and am so glad to see she’s doing well. She’s laying low, pursuing what seems to be her first adult relationship with Jason Trawick, and working on her parenting skills. But one thing about Britney has not evolved, at least in a positive way. Her weave. As one blogger noted, “Virtually every Oxycontin-popping, welfare-loving white girl in every South Boston Irish-ghetto housing project has a better weave than Britney Spears.” Harsh, but also true. How is it possible that a woman as wealthy as Britney, with access to some of the best hairstylists in the world, always has a weave that looks like it was made out of matted Barbie hair? But I don’t want Britney to find herself a decent set of extensions; I want her to liberate herself from her weave dependence. It’s holding her back, stopping her from seeing and appreciating her natural beauty. She needs some tough love. Keep clicking for 10 best of the worst photos of Britney’s weave throughout the years …
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