10 TV Shows From Childhood We Want Back

Ah, the days before reality television took over. No offense to all you “Bachelorette” fans out there, but I’m partial to shows of the past. I’m sick of “Real Housewives” drama and “Kate Plus 8″ just makes me roll my eyes. Give me my old shows back! Let’s backtrack a decade or two and reminisce about the shows of our childhood we wish we still had.

  1. “The Wonder Years”: Ugh, how cute was Kevin Arnold lusting after Winnie Cooper? I wanted to be her. I still do, actually. Potential new girl crush.
  2. “Degrassi High”: The Canadian show that kept us up to date on all prevalent adolescent issues. Rape, tattoos, bad haircuts … oy vey. Yes, it’s still going but I miss the days when Spike was a pregnant teenager.
  3. “Punky Brewster”: Punky had amazing style and adorable freckles. Each show came with a lesson. Excuse me for a moment while I put my hair in pigtails and tie a bandanna around my knee.
  4. “Sister, Sister”: Tia and Tamera inspired me to look for my long lost identical twin sister. And who didn’t want their parents, Ray and Lisa, to get together?
  5. “The Mickey Mouse Club”: Sigh. Back when Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears were still innocent little girls without hair dye, piercings or tabloid scandals. Let’s take a moment to remember. OK, moving on.
  6. “Growing Pains”: The Seaver family was pure entertainment. A journalist mother, a psychologist father, and three kids (eventually four) who fought the same way my siblings did. A young and troubled Leonardo DiCaprio even joined the crew. Good stuff.
  7. “Clarissa Explains It All”: She was so cool! I loved her spunk and different point of view. Her brother, Ferguson, was so annoying. All I wanted was my neighbor to get a ladder and climb through my window.
  8. “Full House”: “Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, there’s a heart, there’s a heart and a hand to hold on to!” The second this song came on, I ran to the television for back-to-back “Full House” episodes. Uncle Jessie and Uncle Joey were the coolest uncles ever. Depending on my mood and the day, I aspired to be D.J., Stephanie, or Michelle Tanner. How rude!
  9. “Saved By The Bell”: Who didn’t have a crush on Zack Morris? Even at a young age, I knew Screech was painfully awkward. (And he now does porn? Go figure.) “Saved By The Bell” pretty much gave me every expectation and false hope I had for high school.
  10. “Step By Step”: This family was huge. It took me many a re-run to figure out exactly whose child was whose. “Step by step, day by day … “
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