You Really Should Be Watching “Degrassi”

Last night, a two-hour movie called “Degrassi: The Boiling Point” kicked off the show’s six week binge of new episodes. For those of you unfamiliar with “Degrassi,” it’s like “Gossip Girl” except: it’s Canadian (and it’s been around for yeaaaaars), the actors on the show are actually 18, the events take place on high school grounds, and the wardrobe choices are far more realistic. Still, “Degrassi” packs more sex and scandal into their episodes than any other teen drama on television. In last night’s special there was a: explosion, a brother-on-sister kiss, a drunken Niagara Falls wedding, a girl fight, a guy fight, and a whole bunch of hookups. So basically—why aren’t you watching this show?To try sum what happened in the past nine seasons of “Degrassi” would take three encyclopedias, but the good news is you don’t really need it. The show has the fantastic habit of starting anew each season with a whole new crop of attractive-but-not-insanely-so characters. Younger cast members are constantly introduced as older ones go off to college, only to return for cameos. Degrassi’s constant influx of new actors has allowed the show to take on: crystal meth, several pregnancies, masturbation, a school shooting, rape, eating disorders, cancer, autism and every other variation of drama you can think of. Hence the incestuous kiss from last night’s special.

I am hoping I have you hooked, or at least interested, because now is the right time to start watching. For the next six weeks there will be new episode of “Degrassi” every weekday on Teen Nick at 9 p.m.—a somewhat ridiculous airing tactic that’s bound to turn any new watcher into DVR-scheduling maniac. So tune in. I promise it won’t disappoint, and it would also make me feel good to know I am not the only 20+ person watching Teen Nick on a Friday night.