“The Aubrey O’Day Project” Is A Really Bad Idea

I somehow missed the whole Danity Kane and “Making of the Band” phenomenon. So when Oxygen announced this morning that they were giving former front woman Aubrey O’Day her own reality show, called “The Aubrey O’Day Project,” I didn’t get the hype. According to Perez Hilton, the show will follow O’Day while she “desperately tries to find her way back into the music industry while ‘working with a dedicated team of industry professionals.’ By professionals, they likely mean porn producers.” I never agree with Perez, but he really hit that nail on the head. [The Hollywood Gossip]After Aubrey ran off to pose naked a whole bunch, Diddy, the man who created this monster, kicked her out of the band and said, “See, your attitude is gonna have you in a dark and lonely place. … I just want to work with the young lady that I signed, not the person that fame has made her.” Seriously, when Diddy calls you a fame whore, you know it’s bad. [MTV News]

So thank goodness Oxygen stepped in to make sure she didn’t fall into reality TV obscurity! Oxygen said, “Young women have watched the ups and downs of Aubrey through the years, and they continue to cheer her on. We’re excited to deliver her story as she battles issues that resonate, from self-doubt and body image to a desire for success and redemption.”

Wait, who’s been cheering her on? Teenage boys and their boners?

Did you know before she went on “Making the Band,” Aubrey was considering Columbia Law School? Wouldn’t her trying to go to law school be a much better TV show? If I’m going to watch someone failing, I’d rather see them go balls-to-the-wall about it.