Bret Michaels Won’t Let Aging Groupies Suffer Alone

Even though the concept of the show sounds like a snoozefest, last night’s “Do Something Awards” on VH1 was surprisingly entertaining. The big celebrity winner of the night was Leonardo DiCaprio, for donating $1 million to the Haiti Relief Fund. The big civilian winner was 23-year-old Jessica Posner, who started a school for girls in the largest slum in Africa. She took home a $100,000 check for her cause. VH1 livened things up by getting the awesome Jane Lynch to host. (Academy Awards, are you listening?!?!) And they also created some hilarious videos for the event, like this one from Bret Michaels. “After years of hard public and private service both on the road and on bended knees, many groupies have found themselves with personal and financial problems,” he says without cracking a smile. “That’s why me and my colleagues have banded together to start Groupie Love, the first retirement community for aging groupies.” Oh wait, wasn’t the “Rock of Love” bus technically the first?