7 Sexy Ladies With Missing Belly Buttons

belly button jwoww 072010 jpg
While looking over J-Woww‘s Maxim spread, we noticed that something was missing, other than the rest of her musclebound “Jersey Shore” castmates. Where has that girl’s belly button gone? It appeared in all the other pictures, but maybe it went into hiding because she decided to try and ingest alcohol through it or something?Vodka eyeballing is so last month. The more logical answer is that it was probably Photoshopped off through one simple swoop of a mouse. But why?!?! What has the belly button ever done to Maxim?

Well, we couldn’t really come up with an answer, especially after we found out this wasn’t an isolated case. It seems that lady’s navels have been under attack for a while with no real explanation. Read on to see what other bellybuttons have been tampered with by the evil hands of Photoshop.

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