10 Ways To Make A Mature And Classy Exit From A Bad Breakup

Breakups aren’t easy. We know that. That’s why we have the 30-Day Breakup Guide, jumbo bags of Sour Patch Kids, and “True Blood” On Demand. Aside from our guide, there is one thing that many women need to be reminded of. Just because you had a crappy ending to your relationship does not give you an excuse to not be the classy woman you’ve always been after it’s over. You may want to go and rebel (after all, you’re now single and on the prowl), but while revenge may seem sweet, the aftertaste is bitter. After the jump, find 10 ways to remain a classy woman after a bitter breakup. Remember: just because you aren’t good together as lovers does not mean you can’t be friends down the line.

  1. Never bad-mouth your ex. It may have ended badly, but that doesn’t mean you need to bad-mouth him to the rest of the world. If someone asks why the two of you broke up, it’s better to simply tell them, “It just didn’t work out between us,” rather than explain that he was a cold-hearted cheating jerk with a small penis. Remember, what goes around, comes around.
  2. Don’t go sleeping around. Just because your status changed from “in a relationship” to “single” doesn’t mean it’s wise to go on a casual sex rampage. If you’ve been in a relationship where sex was part of being in love, sex without love takes some getting used to, so ease on in. Regardless, always use protection. STDs only make heartbreak worse.
  3. Best friends and family are off limits. Now that you and he are not dating anymore, it does not mean you can now go for his cute best friend, brother or … dad. There is never any excuse for friends or family members, no matter how much cuter and smarter and better at oral sex they are.
  4. Be subtle about your new man. If the reason it ended was because there was someone else, be classy about it and keep the new relationship subtle and quiet. Someone always gets hurt in a breakup, and posting pictures on Facebook of you with your new man will only hurt his feelings more. Not to mention, it might even make you look mean and inconsiderate. Everyone is entitled to move on, but you don’t need to shove it in his face.
  5. Don’t be a stalker. If he deleted you from his Facebook then that’s his way of saying it’s over for good and there is no need to be informed about each other’s personal lives anymore. Don’t go on your friends’ Facebook accounts — or his, for that matter — to check out what he’s up to in life. Let him move on, and you’ll move on faster too.
  6. If you’re close to his family, he is not to be discussed. Just because you break up with someone doesn’t mean you have to break up with their family. What it does mean, however, is that when you speak to his family, he is not the topic of discussion. If you’re broken up, using his family to stay connected to his life will not help the breakup, it will only make it harder — on you and them.
  7. Let him go. If you broke up because you’re no longer into him, let him go … really though. Stop talking and don’t even think about having ex sex. They say one person’s garbage is another person’s treasure. He may not be the right person for you but he may be the right person for someone else. Don’t string him along.
  8. Let him be happy. So the split was terrible and both of your hearts got broken, but he’s the first person to be in a new relationship. Let him be in his new relationship — just because he found someone faster than you doesn’t mean you won’t find someone new too. Trying to sabotage a new relationship only makes you look psycho and childish. Everyone deserves to be happy, even that dirt ball.
  9. Don’t rebound. Finding a super handsome rebound may make you feel great at the beginning, but you’ll only end up getting hurt even more or hurting someone else’s feelings. For the love of God, take some time to be alone for a while.
  10. Leave your friends out of it. So you dated for a while and your friends have become friends with him over time, but that doesn’t mean that now that your relationship is over they have to ditch him too. He and your friends can be cordial; there is no need for extra drama. The breakup was between you and him, not between him and your friends.