10 Celebrities Who’ve Been Picketed By Religious Groups

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This weekend, Lady Gaga‘s little monsters had to battle against the evil, super anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church on their way into a concert. Gaga warned her fans that the protesters would be present, writing on her Facebook page:
“At the risk of drawing attention to a hateful organization, I would like to make my little monster fans aware of a protest being held outside the Monsterball in St. Louis tonight. Although we have had protesters before, this group of protesters are hate criminals and preach using lewd and violent language and imagery that I wish I [could] protect you all from. Their message is of hatred and divisiveness, but inside at the Monsterball we preach love and unity.”

Luckily, her fans held their own, holding up signs that said “God Hates Figs” and proudly sporting gay pride T-shirts. The church has targeted Lady Gaga before, along with a mess of other well-meaning performers. [NY Daily News]

Here are some additional performers who’ve been picketed by Westboro and other religious groups.

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