Tina Fey And Meryl Team Up For A Flick, And David Cross Joins Keri Russell In “Running Wilde”

Every millisecond in Hollywood, movies and TV shows are pitched to networks and studios. Only a handful of them will ever actually being made, and even of those, very few will get me to the theater on opening night or to hit the “record series” button on my DVR. And yet today, I’ve heard about two projects that have me all the way to giddy.

First up, the movie “Mommy & Me.” Sure, it sounds like an ‘80s aerobics video aimed at girls under the age of five, but it’s actually a movie that sounds kind of amazing. This flick will be a mother/daughter comedy starring Meryl Streep and Tina Fey — which is, um, genius! The movie is basically only a zygote at this point. It has no script and no writers yet, but it does have a director—the awesome Stanley Tucci. And I can attest to the fact that Tucci is a good director. I saw a Broadway play he directed, “Lend me a Tenor,” and it had me laughing so hard that I was worried about breathing. [People]

The second ultra exciting project—”Running Wilde,” which will be on Fox on Tuesdays starting this fall. We’ve been excited about this one for a while. First off, because A) it stars Keri Russell, who has been missing from our small screen ever since “Felicity” ended, and B) it’s pretty much “Arrested Development” 2.0. Co-created by Will Arnett (Gob Bluth!) and Mitch Hurwitz (the mastermind behind “AD”), Will stars as Steve Wilde, the self-absorbed son of an oil tycoon who is doing his darnedest to win back his childhood sweetheart, played by Keri, who has made it her mission to save the planet. And today, it was announced that David Cross will be joining the cast! He’ll Keri’s fiance, who’s been living with her in the Amazon trying to save an indigenous tribe from Will’s papa’s oil company. I love the idea of Will and David facing off for the love of Keri. But please, please, please let David always walk around in jean shorts. Nevernudes forever! [EW]

What new movies and TV shows have you heard about recently that sound exciting?