Quickies: Lindsay Lohan Won’t Shower Daily In Jail & Sex Gets Better With Pregnancy

  • Lindsay Lohan is about to face a major lifestyle change. She won’t be able to shower daily in jail. And, like, what? There aren’t any Starbucks in jail? [TMZ]
  • Kathy Griffin crossed the line by insulting a senator’s family. Maybe there’s a reason she’s on the D-list? [Fox 411]
  • Are you a vegetarian? You might end up one after viewing this slideshow of horrifying meat products. [Manofest]

  • A perk of pregnancy? An excuse to get creative! Try these sex positions when you’re expecting. [Essence.com]
  • Get the bartender on your side every time you go for cocktails with this bartender’s advice. [Lemondrop]
  • Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen called off their engagement last month, but the girl has never looked better. Check out her shoes! [Starpulse.com]
  • Go back in time to 1964 in the next season of “Mad Men.” These are the real-life events you can expect the hit show to cover in the next season. [TresSugar]