How To Salvage Your Nasty Summer Feet

We’ve done a post about maintaining pretty feet. This is not that post. This, rather, is a guide to going apes**t on your feet once you’ve let them get to what seems like a point of no return. Having recently pumiced my own mangled extremities half to death and come out alive, I’m not unlike a war hero in the battle for more lovely toes. Click through if you know what I’m talking about when I mention blisters, band-aid buildup, and the sort of dry, dirty skin not even a mother could love.

  • Expect pain. It is your punishment for letting things get this bad.
  • Start out with a thorough scrubbing with exfoliating body wash. If you’re like me, you’ll still have a healthy amount of that beautiful dirt/band-aid residue combo that needs to be harassed with warm water, finger friction, etc.
  • Now, grab your Ped-Egg and go at the soles of your feet with the intensity of a thousand suns.
  • Post Ped Egging, pick up a coarse grain foot sander and use it on dry feet to do away with the last of the dead skin and dirt.
  • If your feet were bad enough to merit this sort of assault, chances are that your pedicure isn’t looking so hot, either. Remove the old polish.
  • Shower hard, scrubbing your feet with heavy-duty exfoliating soap all over again as you go.
  • While still in the shower, use a cuticle clipper to remove the nasty, dead skin around your toe nails.
  • Dry your feet off, slather them in Vaseline and throw some socks on the situation.
  • Wake up to significantly better-looking footsies.