Fashionably Random: What Else Does CFDA Stand For?

Guns and fashion have little to do with each other (one would hope), but not according to Google. Today, when we were doing some research on the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America), we came across another CFDA, one that we can safely say has nothing to do with Diane von Furstenberg or Alexander Wang. It’s the Cowboy Fast Draw Association, a shooting group that prefers old fashioned guns from the 1800s. In their own words: “We’re out to capture the feel of the Peacemaker [a gun] in your hand, the smell of holster leather, and the exhilaration of reacting as fast as you dare while remaining cool-headed enough to hit your mark as you compete head to head in classic old west fashion.” Members apparently have to wear a gun holster of a pre-1900s style. Which is kind of fashion-related? Anyhow, yee-haw. [Cowboy Fast Draw Association]

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