We’re Going On A Picnic, And We’re Bringing …

Summer has all of us here at The Frisky craving good old-fashioned, outdoorsy fun, but, alas, we are stuck in our office, clicking away on our computers. To quell our cravings, we’re going on a virtual picnic in the park. In true summer spirit, we’re each bringing one thing. I’ll start. I’m going on a picnic, and I’m bringing a bright red bandana. They’re great outdoor accessories and come in handy for all kinds of picnic games. Besides, they remind me of sleepaway camp. Care to join us? We’re going on a picnic, and we’re bringing …

“I was at a picnic a few years ago and a friend brought jell-o shots in Dixie cups. I never went through a Jell-o shot phase in college, so these were a complete novelty. After I stopped laughing at her and tried one, I discovered they were quite delish! An added bonus being that the park cops couldn’t give us a ticket because after all, it was just dessert. So that’s what I would bring.” – Judy

“I can’t pick one so I am suggesting three: hot sauce (makes everything better), gossip magazines (because they’re always more entertaining to read in the sun), binoculars (for spying on people, obvs).” – Amelia

“Apples to Apples!” – Olivia

“Brazilian lemonade. It’s lemons, limes, tequila, and sugar.” – Annika

“I love to buy fun plastic glasses from party stores. Soo much better than drinking out of red party cups.” – Bianca

“I like to bring my big hula hoop. Everyone always has fun giving it a twirl, especially after a little Prosecco.” – Wendy

“A bottle of bubbly. Completely necessary.” – Ami

“Tootsie Pops! Because I am obsessed with them.” – Kate

“Bug spray.” – Jessica

“I have a portable croquet set I like to bring to picnics. Because it’s way fun and a good group thing to do after everyone’s eaten and just sitting there picking the grass.” – Joanne

“I would bring my fedora, to protect myself from the sun in a stylish way, obviously. I would also bring a fun boy for entertainment and flirting purposes, and zuccini flowers because they taste scrumptious.” – Carli